NISL Partners with Spinzo to Enhance Ticketing Promotions League Wide

ATLANTA, GA  -  The National Indoor Soccer League is excited to announce a new partnership with Spinzo for the 2021-2022 indoor soccer season.

Spinzo is a social group ticketing platform used by teams across all major sports leagues, colleges, and by a variety venues and one-time events.

"We are thrilled to partner with Spinzo throughout the entire league.  Their platform will help both our fans, as well as our front office staff be more efficient and drive ticket sales.  Spinzo will also be a huge part of our fundraising program that we hope will raise thousands of dollars for non-profits in each of our markets.  Spinzo is a perfect example of how the NISL plans to support its member teams through league wide partnerships that will drive revenue, awareness, and support in each market,"  said NISL Executive Board Member Andrew Haines.

With its unique pricing and social technology, Spinzo allows clients to sell more tickets, faster, and more efficiently across a broad spectrum of sales including group tickets, single game tickets, season tickets, suites, plans, deposits, and merchandise sales.

"The Spinzo platform will allow the NISL to be both creative and flexible with their ticketing promotions. We are excited to partner with them," said Emmanuel Elmajian, CEO of Spinzo. "With the deployment of modern technology, the league can be used as a model for social selling, philanthropy, and partner brand integration."

Spinzo is a software company that modernizes the ticket sales process for sports teams and venues in Canada, United States, and Australia. The technology provides social selling tools, gamification, embedded fundraisers, referral programs, voucher programs, and more. It is trusted by some of the most reputable sports franchises and the most notable venues.

The National Indoor Soccer League was founded in January 2021 by a group of experienced sports team/league owners with over 40 years of ownership experience. NISL will kickoff the 2021/2022 season in late December 2021. The league will operate a Men's & Women's division with each member team playing in both division. Each NISL game night will include a double header, with fans being able to see both a Women's match as well as a Mens!