Fayetteville Fury Joins UPSL Premier Division; New Era for Soccer in D.T. Carter Stadium


Fayetteville Fury Joins the United Premier Soccer League's Premier Division in the Mid-Atlantic Conference

 In a landmark announcement, Fayetteville Fury has been accepted into the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) Premier Division in the Mid-Atlantic Conference. This monumental move places Fayetteville Fury amongst esteemed teams like Charlotte FC, AC Raleigh, Queen City FC, and many more.

The inclusion of Fayetteville Fury into the UPSL Premier Division is a significant step in elevating soccer in the Fayetteville community. It represents not just a breakthrough for the club but a new era for soccer in the region. With home games slotted to be played in D.T. Carter Stadium at E.E. Smith HS, fans can expect high-intensity matchups and a thrilling atmosphere.

"Our acceptance into the UPSL Premier Division is an affirmation of the hard work, talent, and relentless passion that has been nurtured within the Fayetteville Fury family," said Al Florez, General Manager and Head Coach of Fayetteville Fury. "This new opportunity not only elevates our club but is a testament to the burgeoning soccer culture in Fayetteville."

This national level league will take Fayetteville Soccer to a new high, bringing higher level soccer to the city, enriching the local sports culture, and creating opportunities for young talents to develop and shine.

"We are thrilled and thankful that this community support is what got us here," added Miguel Sanchez, Head Coach of the Fury FC. "This achievement is as much the community's as it is ours. We look forward to releasing our schedule soon and having a packed, loud stadium."

Fans can expect an electrifying atmosphere filled with vuvuzelas, horns, cowbells, drums, bass drums, trumpets, smoke, and all of what The Furia brings on the stands. The D.T. Carter Stadium at E.E. Smith HS will be the epicenter of excitement, passion, and the very essence of soccer.

"Let's Go Fury," echoes through the hearts and minds of everyone connected with the club. The dream has been realized, and the journey has only just begun. Fayetteville Fury invites everyone to be part of this thrilling new chapter.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding the schedule, ticketing, and other exciting updates by following Fayetteville Fury on social media channels.