Fayetteville Fury Forms an Exciting New Partnership with Sinister Cuts

FAYETTEVILLE, NC - July 19, 2023 - Fayetteville Fury is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Sinister Cuts, Fayetteville's only horror-themed barbershop & salon. Sinister Cuts, located at 127 Person Street in downtown Fayetteville, is famed for their unique ambience and eclectic range of services.

With their motto, "Experience shear terror," Sinister Cuts provides a novel, spine-chilling spin on traditional hair styling, offering an array of haircuts including military fades, fantasy/vivid colors, and gender-neutral styles. In addition, the salon extends services such as beard trims and cosmetic waxing.

"Fayetteville Fury is proud to align with a business as distinctive and dynamic as Sinister Cuts," said a Fayetteville Fury representative. "Their commitment to quality service, innovation, and maintaining a distinct customer experience aligns perfectly with our own values. This partnership is expected to build a strong connection between our fans and the community."

The Fayetteville Fury looks forward to working closely with Sinister Cuts and believes this partnership will cultivate an even more engaged and supportive community around both organizations. We can't wait to see the unique experiences and opportunities this collaboration will offer.

About Sinister Cuts

Sinister Cuts, located in the heart of Fayetteville, is a horror-themed barbershop and salon. They provide a unique salon experience while offering a variety of hair services from military fades to fantasy/vivid colors, gender-neutral styles, and other services like beard trims and cosmetic waxing.