Fayetteville Fury Announces New Head Coach

The Fayetteville Fury Indoor Soccer League  Fury is thrilled to announce their new NISL Head Coach Rodrigo Byrne. Rodrigo Byrnes stands as a testament to a life enriched by football, with roots deeply embedded in the sport's rich legacy. His journey began in the nurturing grounds of Sport Boys in Peru, where the foundation of his passion for football was laid. His skills and dedication soon elevated him to the reserves of Atlante in Mexico's Primera A, followed by a stint with the Pumas reserves, where he continued to hone his craft.

The fervor for football led Byrne to the fast-paced world of futsal, playing for Centro Naval in Peru's second division and later ascending to the first professional division with San Martín. His prowess on the futsal court was further recognized when he played for JAP, leading the team to a national championship in Peru.

Transitioning from player to mentor, Byrne has been shaping the future of football in North Carolina. He has imparted his knowledge and experience as a coach for Triángulo United and Hornet Futsal and as an assistant coach for Tobacco RD in the USL2.

Byrne’s pedigree in football is unparalleled, with his grandfather, Jorge “El Comanche” Labarthe, presiding over Sport Boys in Peru's top division. His uncle, Ernesto “El Chino” Labarthe, has graced the professional fields in Peru, Chile and Mexico, including representing Peru in the 1978 World Cup. Continuing the family tradition, his cousin, Gianfranco “El Chinito” Labarthe, has left his mark as a professional player in England, Greece and Peru, notably achieving national championship glory with Universitario de Deportes and competing in the prestigious Copa Libertadores.

Rodrigo Byrne is a bearer of a footballing legacy, a mentor with a profound connection to the sport's history and a coach who brings a world of experience to the pitch.