8th Annual Man22 Suicide Awareness Run


Good day, fans, followers, and friends!

We are proud to announce that the Fayetteville Fury and our Fury NXT teams will be lacing up our running shoes to participate in the 8th Annual Man22 Suicide Awareness Run. This year, we will be pounding the pavement in support of a cause that is close to our hearts - suicide prevention and mental health awareness. 

We're not only running for our team. We're running for every single person who has ever felt alone, misunderstood, or in darkness. We're running because we believe in the power of unity, the strength of community, and the vital importance of mental health. 

We're also immensely honored to join forces with our friends at "Through Tragedy Comes Light." This phenomenal organization tirelessly works to bring hope, healing, and light in the midst of pain, struggle, and darkness. Their mission to turn tragic experiences into beacons of hope resonates deeply with us, and we're excited to run alongside them in this journey.

Together, we're more than just sports teams. We're advocates, we're supporters, we're fighters. 

Join us on the race day, cheer us on, and let's help spread the message far and wide. Every step we take, every mile we conquer, we'll be thinking of those who are fighting their own battles. This race isn't just about us - it's about bringing awareness to an issue that affects so many, and working towards a future where no one feels they have to fight alone.

If you can't be there in person, you can still make a huge difference. Share this post, talk about it with your friends and family. Every conversation can be a lifeline. 

Let's run for awareness. Let's run for hope. Let's run because every life matters. 

We're the Fayetteville Fury and the Fury NXT, and we're ready to make a difference.

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